Welcome to the 1919 Club
The 1919 Club is a MEMBERS ONLY draw to win incredible signed merchandise.​

How it works: Members buy tickets to enter them into an online raffle.

How do I win? Draws are performed online and the winner is picked by random. The names are entered into a randomiser and the winner selected by who is top after the amount of spins decided by two dice. Snake eyes are always excluded. 

This is a unique way for our members to get their paws on exclusive and rare signed items for a tiny entry fee.

Past prizes are on the right! Good Luck in the draw!

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Paypal us £4 per ticket,  Please always send payment via the friends and family option.

Paypal us at info@ukpackers.co.uk 

Please send using 'friends and family' option. If not we will ask you to send us the charged amount.

1st Prize - Jamaal Williams Signed Jersey


1. Michael Kissane

2. Stuart Alexander

3. Harry Downing

4. Chris Emmison

5. Robb Gardner

6. Harry Downing

7. Cassian Jeffries

8. Clive Rayson

9. James Crotty

10. Stuart Alexander

11. Thomas Stobbart

12. Harry Downing

13. Michael Kissane

14. Lee Johnson

15. Harry Downing

16. Clive Rayson

17. Matt Homans

18. Stuart Alexander

19. James Crotty

20. Jono Hartley

21. Kev Lane

22. Harry Downing

23. Matt Homans

24. Thomas Stobbart

25. Harry Downing

26. Chris Emmison

27. James Crotty

28. Kev Lane

29. Harry Downing

30. Lee Johnson

31. Harry Downing

32. Clive Rayson

33. James Crotty

34. Harry Downing

35. Stuart Alexander

36. Jono Hartley

37. Dan Reveley

38. James Crotty

39. Stuart Alexander

40. Harry Downing




Jamaal Williams Jersey
Kevin King Photo
KGB Jersey
Lynn Dickey Jersey
Mike Holmgren Football
Doug Evans Jersey
Jake Ryan Football
Damarious Randall Jersey
Jared Cook Mini Helmet
Tramon Williams Jersey
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2nd Prize - Kevin King signed 8x10