Welcome to the 1919 Club
The 1919 Club is a MEMBERS ONLY draw to win incredible signed merchandise.​

How it works: Patreon members sign up to the Gold tier to enter them into the online raffle. That means, every single month, our Gold members get an automatic monthly place! (www.patreon.com/ukpackers)

How do I win? Draws are performed online and the winner is picked at random. The names are entered into a randomiser and the winner selected by who is top after the amount of spins decided by two dice. Snake eyes are always excluded. 

This is a unique way for our members to get their paws on exclusive and rare signed items for a tiny entry fee.

Past prizes are on the right! Good Luck in the draw!

Not a Member yet? Sign up for a unique membership number HERE and sign up on Patreon to get a place every sigle month and a free tee!


1st Prize - Signed Jaire Alexander 16*20 with JSA

2nd Prize - Elgton Jenkins Signed Mini Helmet with COA


1. Tom Coles

2. Matt H

3. Will Hose

4. Andrew Steadman

5. Jason Baker

6. Cassian Jeffries

7. Jonathan Hartley

8. Callum Cunningham

9. Daniel Seaman

10. Michael Rees

11. David Sweet

12. Ryan Kimberley

13. Harry Downing

14. Jake Paddison

15. Paul West

16. Arron Cawthorne

17. Chris D Cook

18. Louise hall

19. Christopher marley

20. Kenneth McNamara

21. Gareth Hodgson

22. Natalie Worthington

23. Stuart Alexander

24. Gray Wing

25. Chris Stanworth

26. John Codman III

27. Ross Sandell

28. Stuart Evans

29. Clive Rayson

30. Matthew Berry

31. David Strange

32. Jeremy Richens

33. Kieran Hill

34. John Sturrock

35. Neil Barkell

36. Stephen Sparkes

37. Simon Daly

38. Craig Salisbury

39. Dan Barnes

40. Milos

41. Philip Clarke

42. Big B

43. Matt hirst

44. Clive F

45. Nathan Foy

46. Billy Lennox

47. Nick Powell

48. Ryan Gibson

49. Ryan Pinhammer

50. Joe Whayman

51. James Blake

52. Tom Mayer

53. Paul Bradley

54. Sean Freeman

55. Jamie Ryan

56. Adam Dugdale

57. Adam Aubrey

58. Kyle Townsend

59. Craig Dreyer

60. David Harris

61. Steven Barnett

62. Paul Goldsack

63. Aidan Ferns

64. Dylan Hertel

65. Chris Holtby

66. Robert Wiseman

67. Ashley Mcdermottroe

68. Stephen Gardner

69. Matt Dilger

70. Nick Denmark

71. Ted Moore

72. David Muirhead

73. Matthew van Poppel

74. Jamie Jordan

75. Jon McGauley

76. Dean Cochrane

77. Gary Bracci

78. Christian Baxby

79. John McCann

80. Dylan Bowditch

81. Duncan

82. Benn Earnshaw

83. David Small

84. Lee Hunter

3rd Prize - David Bakhtiari Signed 8*10 with COA

BONUS GIVEAWAY - Limited Edition Rashan Gary Draft Day Bobblehead!




Za'Darius Smith Mini Helmet
Za'Darius Smith Mini Helmet
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Davante Adams Jersey
Davante Adams Jersey

Draw 3 #1919club

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Darnell Savage Photo
Darnell Savage Photo

Draw 2 #1919club

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Kenny Clark Jersey
Kenny Clark Jersey
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Kevin King Photo
Kevin King Photo
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Preston Smith Jersey
Preston Smith Jersey
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Dave Robinson Pic
Dave Robinson Pic

Draw 4 #1919club

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Mike Holmgren Football
Mike Holmgren Football
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David Bakhtiari Jersey
David Bakhtiari Jersey
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Jamaal Williams Jersey
Jamaal Williams Jersey
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