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Manchester Meet Up - Week 2

The UK & Irish Packers meet ups in 2019 are going to be our biggest and best events to date outside of our annual pilgrimage to Lambeau Field. With our Membership Number initiative, we are able to pinpoint where our fans are and hopefully bring an event close to you!

We have selected cities that hopefully suit most people and we would love to see you all there!

Our biggest presence outside of London is Manchester so we had to bring it back to the city for another year! Our prior Manchester meet up was also our largest ever event outside our Super Bowl party with over 150 Packer fans in attendance! We hope that it is close enough for our Liverpool fans to attend too with it being less than an hours drive away. We are also looking at having an informal meet in Liverpool if not a full blown meet up later in the season. Let us know your thoughts on where the best places are to go!

Other venues we are working on can be found here with dates, but a summary of the cities are: Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Dublin and London! More may be in the pipeline but just bear with us as it is an arduous task!

So back to the Manchester meet, do you want the skinny on what, where, who and why? See the details below.

Location: The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes, Manchester.

Price: £5

Why is it ticketed?: As explained on our podcast, we need to ticket the event so we know how many people we have coming to organise the appropriate set up with the venue. NONE of your cash stays with us, it is ALL paid to the venue to fund your welcome drink and food platters.

What is included in the price?

  • Welcome drink of ONE of:

- Pint of beer/cider

- Glass of wine (175ml)

- Single spirit & mixer

  • Food platters (depending on numbers)

  • Assigned area of the venue for our event

How to book

Booking is simple. It has 1 step. Once you have bought your ticket, your name will be added to the list at the door and you will receive your drinks voucher on entry.

Step 1

Pay £5 to us marking clearly it is for the MANCHESTER EVENT which we will aggregate and pay to the venue. Pay using the Family/Friends option on PayPal to email

Please ensure it is paid with Family/Friends or we will have to refund and reprocess the payment.

Any questions? Email us or contact us on social media!!


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